Laser Rejuvenation specializes in making pretty people beautiful. We use the most recent innovations in laser technologies to perform each treatment while providing clients with special attention to their specific beauty needs. We realize how important the journey to looking your best is.


The most important decision you make after choosing to enhance your appearance with one or more laser cosmetic procedures is the selection of a medical spa that will perform the procedure. Laser Rejuvenation is made up of family physicians, nurse practitioners, and an aesthetician that will be with you from your initial consultation until your final treatment. We realize the importance in having people you trust involved in the beautification process which is why we have the physicians involved in this process. The Laser Rejuvenation staff is committed to making sure that your desires are achieved while protecting your privacy along the way.

Professional Medical Spa

Dr. Heather McKenzie and Crissy Welch, DNP, RN, FNP-BC
Both owners and injectors at Laser Rejuvenation

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